Is your gym looking after you?

Just want to check:  Does your gym sell beer?  How about burgers?  Chips? Chocolate? Phew I’m glad they’re looking after you 😉

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  1. Bobbo Says:

    I really aprtceiape free, succinct, reliable data like this.

  2. Brice Says:

    he never had serious pmleobrs but in the interwiev flex and kevin where even touching the suicide topic. in addition to that i remember an interwiev with shawn ray where he talks about his retirement and why he quit he said that he dont want to risk his life anymore for chasing a shadow in the form of the sandow. i dont want to here kevin talk openly about steroids that he used .. i would like to hear from him why people take all those risks and enter such a mindstate where they even think about killing themselfes. i would like to hear wht he thinks about todays bodybuilder and the direction all this goes young dudes putting theire life on the line for a few years of glory in an fringe sport when they dont even get the money supplement industries make by putting them on their product. THATS what i would die to hear from kevin and inside look into whats behind this pumped up cover models who all claim to be natural.i know that this is an serious topic and i dont even know if kevin is even allowed to talk about this to all of us (mb everybody claims to be natural because the industrie behind them dont want to cause a scandal, but srs everybody knows they are not clean) . If you can kevin let us take part on your experience and your past jorney.

  3. Marlo Says:

    Respect people’s cohcie to use gear, but have never touched it myself in 25 years of training. Have lost a lot of friends in those years as a direct result of OVER usage, so any information or tips to keep youngsters safe who may be interested in trying it would be a positive action. I still know a lot of guys that are on it and I do see more negative effects than positive ones on the whole. No doubt if KL does decide to discuss the matter it would be one of interest to many people for I’ve reason or another.UK outModerate supraphysiological doses of testosterone can provide many benefits for men, with little to no side effects. This has been confirmed in medical studies, using up to 600mg/week for several months with no serious adverse side effects.Abuse, of course, is another story. Nobody makes it to the Olympia stage without seriously ABUSING androgens. And rarely can these drugs be abused for years on end without negative health consequences. Part of the genetic factor of a pro bodybuilder is whether or not his body can withstand megadoses of androgens in the long-term The smart recreational bodybuilder or athlete though can enhance training results, while improving well-being, libido, energy levels, etc., with smart, moderate use.

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