Training Week Day 2

Day 2

4 and a half hours today.  With the 3 hours yesterday my planned 6 hours has now totalled 7 and a half – sack the route planner!

A great turnout for midweek (doesn’t anyone work any more?!):

Me, Rob Thatcher, Dave Twin, Jack from Sydenham
My brother-in-law Rob Slee
Nick Young from Southborough Wheelers

No James Moss today but our average speed seemed to be higher, no weak links I guess James 😉

Everyone suffered after yesterday and although today was billed as an aerobic session the six of us pushed a bit too hard on the hills and into the wind leaving nothing on the road….great ride everyone…in particular Rob Slee looking v strong indeed I’ve no doubt you’ll demolish Wayne in your Iron Man !

My legs hurt, my back hurts, my neck hurts………..bring on the racing season I need a rest from training!

I’ve gotta mention the weather – sunny and warm – awesome 🙂

Rest Day, Day 3, tomorrow i.e. half an hour on the rollers or put it another way, more exercise than most of the members of my local gym do in a week!!!

For Day 4 I’ve got 5 new climbs to work on our 5 to 10 minute efforts, got a good group lined up so that should be very exciting. 

Keep riding



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