Training Week Day 4

Yesterday – Day 3 (rest day) made me feel worse than before – half an hour on the rollers followed by 45 minutes of stretching left me with a pain in my hamstring that Deep Heat couldn’t get rid of so I started today worse than I ended Wednesday!

So onto today, Day 4.  Four of us turned out today in increasingly warm temperatures:

Brother-in-law Rob
Nick from Southborough
Mark McCullagh from Dulwich

5 climbs today, 5 big efforts with rest periods between them;  Mark turned out to be way stronger than us hats off to you but at least you left me and Nick to battle it out – great fun, huge efforts – I sneakily threw a couple of shorter climbs to suit me and it paid off 😉

2 and a half hours of riding today instead of 2, that route planner really has a lot to answer for!

Ben Wimpory has just told me he’s going to join me for a couple of hours tomorrow and he’s promised that we’re riding at an aerobic pace – my body will enjoy that although it won’t recognise it!  There was me thinking I was getting a lie-in.  With 2.5 hours tomorrow that will bring my total to 13 hours in 5 days, my intial target.  I’m sure for some of you (Messieurs Moss and Wimpory) this is far from impressive but I haven’t done more than 8 hours in a week for over a year and never in the UK and definitely not this fast up the hills so I’m going to be either very very fit or very very tired at the start of the racing season!!

One day to go then…….

Oh one more thing – Mark’s crank come off! Yes that did mean we beat him up the last climb and we did have to push him home but at one point he still nearly dropped us with one leg!!

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