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I’ve been bowled over by this compliment…..

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

One of my clients just wrote this about me, I’m blown away:

“I have been a Golf Professional for over 25 years now, and during that time I have had the privilege of playing at the highest levels, I have competed in The British Open, played in over 38 countries Worldwide, and so you could say I have been around!


Last year I decided to play more competitive golf again with some success, winning two tournaments and competing in all, so I was pleased I could still mix it with the younger, slimmer and fitter golfers.  But I realised to get back to where I used to be would take hard work and a complete change in lifestyle, that’s when I had the pleasure of meeting Paul Butler, and thank God I did meet him at that time because my weight was increasing and I had no self motivation, but that has now changed thanks to Paul, I am dedicated to the long term goal, which is to get fitter and lose weight.


Like a lot of overweight people I have been on diets and counted calories, but not anymore!


Paul has given me the advice that I needed to help give me a balanced, nutritious diet, well I say “diet” but I do not see it as a diet, I see it as a lifetime change in my eating habits, and for once in my life I am losing weight without feeling hungry and asking myself, can I eat that or not, I have made the change thanks to Paul.  I have regular one-on-one sessions with Paul at Hilden Park and he continues to give me the right advice and encouragement that I need.


Paul has also given me a personal workout programme that is designed for golf, it targets the key area muscles for my golf swing, and it’s helping me build my core strength and giving me greater flexibility that is required to play golf at a Professional level.


I have seen my weight come down by 19 pounds in 7 weeks, I feel 100% better all round, my sleeping has improved, I have a ton of energy and most importantly for me I can work harder on my golf.  I am 44 years old and when I reach 50 I will be playing on The European Seniors Tour, and you know what… I can’t wait.

 I would highly recommend Paul Butler to anyone who is looking to change their life for the better! “


Wow 😉

Training Week Day 4

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Yesterday – Day 3 (rest day) made me feel worse than before – half an hour on the rollers followed by 45 minutes of stretching left me with a pain in my hamstring that Deep Heat couldn’t get rid of so I started today worse than I ended Wednesday!

So onto today, Day 4.  Four of us turned out today in increasingly warm temperatures:

Brother-in-law Rob
Nick from Southborough
Mark McCullagh from Dulwich

5 climbs today, 5 big efforts with rest periods between them;  Mark turned out to be way stronger than us hats off to you but at least you left me and Nick to battle it out – great fun, huge efforts – I sneakily threw a couple of shorter climbs to suit me and it paid off 😉

2 and a half hours of riding today instead of 2, that route planner really has a lot to answer for!

Ben Wimpory has just told me he’s going to join me for a couple of hours tomorrow and he’s promised that we’re riding at an aerobic pace – my body will enjoy that although it won’t recognise it!  There was me thinking I was getting a lie-in.  With 2.5 hours tomorrow that will bring my total to 13 hours in 5 days, my intial target.  I’m sure for some of you (Messieurs Moss and Wimpory) this is far from impressive but I haven’t done more than 8 hours in a week for over a year and never in the UK and definitely not this fast up the hills so I’m going to be either very very fit or very very tired at the start of the racing season!!

One day to go then…….

Oh one more thing – Mark’s crank come off! Yes that did mean we beat him up the last climb and we did have to push him home but at one point he still nearly dropped us with one leg!!

Email to a (dear) client

Saturday, January 21st, 2012
Good to see some of you chaps yesterday at our circuit class.
The second reason I’m sitting here doing this on a Saturday is because late last night I was on the way home from the nightclub I mean pub I mean kebab house ahem ahem I mean off licence no no no the gym that was it and I felt a little bit guilty for being so hard on our dear John yesterday!!!
John, aka “The Grazer” is trying really hard to be healthy to keep his greek adonis style physique from heading south and I just wanted to say well done for trying John – there’s nothing worse than smoking and eating chocolate and then some jumped up Personal Trainer who’s never been an ounce overweight in his life and has never as much as looked at a cigarette coming along and suggesting you could be healthier!  I do however have a friend who has been 6 stone overweight, has smoked a quarter of a million Marlboro Lights and may have even been out late to nightclubs, pubs, kebab houses and he tells me that chocolate, cigarettes and honeycomb are not on his list an more.  I suspect that poor old Mr C thinks he’s eating Honeycomb but is actually eating Honeycomb toffee or sponge toffee which is a sugary toffee with a light, rigid, sponge-like texture. Its main ingredients are typically brown sugar, corn syrup (or molasses or golden syrup in the Commonwealth) and baking soda, sometimes with an acid such as vinegar. The baking soda and acid react to form carbon dioxide which is trapped in the highly viscous mixture. When acid is not used, thermal decomposition of the baking soda releases carbon dioxide. The lattice structure is formed while the sugar is liquid, then the toffee sets hard.
If poor old John was eating honeycomb then I stand to be corrected and therefore he should indeed carry on as Bees, like ants, are a specialized form of wasp. The ancestors of bees were wasps in the family Crabronidae, and therefore predators of other insects. The switch from insect prey to pollen may have resulted from the consumption of prey insects which were flower visitors and were partially covered with pollen when they were fed to the wasp larvae. This same evolutionary scenario has also occurred within the vespoid wasps, where the group known as “pollen wasps” also evolved from predatory ancestors. Up until recently, the oldest non-compression bee fossil had been Cretotrigona prisca in New Jersey amber and of Cretaceous age, a meliponine. A recently reported bee fossil, of the genus Melittosphex, is considered “an extinct lineage of pollen-collecting Apoidea sister to the modern bees”, and dates from the early Cretaceous (~100 mya).[14]
Good old Wikipedia 😉

Is your gym looking after you?

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Just want to check:  Does your gym sell beer?  How about burgers?  Chips? Chocolate? Phew I’m glad they’re looking after you 😉

Rule number 1. You have to change something to make a difference

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Quote of the day

Client: “I can’t believe I didn’t lose weight this week!” 

Me: “Well what did you do differently?” 

Client: “nothing!”

Client Excuse Of The Day

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Client quote of the day: “I don’t have time in the morning to make porridge (but I have time to make toast)”!!!!

Beware The Health Food Shop Trap

Saturday, November 5th, 2011
Just been into * and * health food shop in the high street.
Me:  “Do you have any raisins that aren’t covered in vegetable oil?”
Assistant: “We have organic”
Me (showing her the back of the packet): “These have vegetable oil on them too”
Assistant:  “Oh!”

Fancy a pint?

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Just watched Fat Families on Sky – you need to run a half marathon to burn off 6 pints of lager !!!!!

Why exercise doesn’t work (What?! How dare you!!)

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Burn 3500 calories and you’ll lose a pound….maybe that’s why your 2 gym visits a week aren’t working, time to address your diet??!!

But fruit’s got a lot of sugar in moan moan whinge whine……

Monday, October 31st, 2011

First of all, I wasn’t taught to start a sentence with “but” as in the title so please forgive me.

Once a week, on average, somebody tells me that fruit contains too much sugar.  Last Thursday it was someone in the medical profession (who had at least 3 stone to lose – that’s a lot of apples by the way) so I have officially had enough!

You probably fall into one of 3 categories:

Category 1.  You eat 13 apples a day.  I am not recommending you eat another apple.

Category 2.  You eat no fruit.  I am recommending you eat fruit.

Category 3.  You eat 2 pieces of fruit a day, a packet of crisps, some bread, a chocolate bar, a muffin, put sugar in your coffee and end the day with a glass of wine.  I am recommending you try to swap as many of these things as you can for an apple. 

In Category 3 you may end up eating 5 apples in a day.  In your opinion is that better or worse than the items you have swapped for that apple?

Maybe now we can all move on 😉