Marathon Pint Beer Keith BalaamKeith, Sevenaoks.
London Marathon 2013

I should like to thank you for all your encouragement, excellent advice and the totally sadistic training schedules that you set me over the4-5 months that I saw you. Without your positivity and confidence I might not have made it on the day. It was a struggle but I have to say that it was themost amazing experience. You will see below the e-mail that I sent to all those people who had supported my efforts since I registered for this challenge in late August last year.If you wish me to write a testimonial for your web-site then I would be very happy to do so (e.g. headed ‘Senile old bloke tries London Marathon’).

All the best


Dear All

Yes I’m still alive.

Marathon Walking Stick Keith Balaam

19,934th out of about 35,000 runners and a fairly respectable 4 hours 39 mins for an OAP.  Hit the“wall” at 20 miles so that there wasn’t always the blur of black and yellow after that.  Great crowd and banter (‘only 25 to go’;‘come on you old’un’ and ‘take your time Keith’stick in my mind).  Needed to be lowered to theground in St. James’ Park afterwards and administered to by a physio (unable to give TV interview as a result!).  Slowly recovering, moved around on Monday like a constipated Eric Pickles but did manage two pints of Harveys best bitter that night.  Medal to be added to my sparsely populated trophy cabinet.  Thanks to all of you I have so far raised £4,400 for The Counselling Centre – brilliant.  AND West Ham United won on Saturday ……. a wonderful weekend.


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