Weight Loss

No abstinence or resentment, just a new way of living.

In 2005 I was working in the financial services sector in London and I was a 21 stone unfit smoker!  I then decided to change the way I ate.  In fact I had a good look at the rest of my lifestyle along the way and even changed careers.  I became a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Adviser.

I am now over 6 stone lighter, a non-smoker and a lot fitter.

I’ve done what you want to do.  I get it.

I’m still doing it.  I still get it.

It must be so frustrating to receive weight loss advice from someone who can’t empathise with you.

Lose weight now!

I have spent years learning all the secrets of easy weight loss and maintenance.  Now you can learn them in much less than half the time; 10 weeks in fact!

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