Weight Loss FAQ

Of course it works!

Contact me to arrange a free appointment to find out more.

10 weeks!

At your house, unless we're off supermarket shopping!

One meeting per week, lasting 2 hours.

  • Individuals: £75 per week or £650 up front
  • Pairs: (per person) £60 per week per or £500 up front
  • Group of 3: (per person) £40 per week or £333.33 up front
  • Group of 4: (per person) £30 per week or £250 up front.


This course is designed to help you. 

If you have to leave the country on business or you are at death's door one week then (subject to availability) we will either try to have 2 meetings the week before/after or we will liaise by phone or email.  I am going to teach you how to lose weight and maintain your new weight no matter what your circumstances so that you can do this on your own regardless of what's going on in your life.

Week 1 - Review of current eating habits and lifestyle.

  • In depth look at your current situation
  • Weigh-in.
  • Learning more about food to make weight loss even easier
  • Start completing a food diary
  • Set goals for week 1
    • 3 nutritional goals
    • 3 activity/exercise goals
    • 1 lifestyle goal
    • Learning task

 Each week thereafter will follow a structure similar to the below:

  1. Weigh-In
  2. Review of:
    1. Goals set at previous session.
    2. Week in general (e.g. highs and lows)
    3. Food diary over past 7 days.
    4. Learning task.
  3. Main Body – Different theme each week.
  4. Learning – Different theme each week.
  5. Goal Setting

 What kind of things will we be doing each week?

Wherever possible, the course will be tailored to suit your current situation (e.g. how well you can cook (!), your knowledge of food, your exercise experience, your time constraints, family commitments) but will normally include the following for example:

  • Analysis of the foods in your fridge and your cupboard
  • Meeting influential others in your household so that they understand what it is you are trying to achieve
  • A supermarket shopping trip
  • Learning how to exercise the most effectively for weight loss, uncovering all the myths of exercise!  By the way the sessions aren't personal training sessions though.  The focus is almost solely on nutrition here but when you do exercise I want you get the most out of it. 


I'm not saying I don't agree with exercise!  Hardly pearls of wisdom there from a Personal Trainer!

I am saying that I have seen thousands of people taking up exercise to lose weight and then exercising for years and not losing weight!  Simple.  They need to address their food.

You could burn 350 calories three times a week at the gym but you could be eating 20,000 calories a week.  Most people don't know exactly how many calories they are eating.  Is it 14,000 a week or 22,000 a week?  Is using 350 calories really going to make a dent in that?!  If you're reading this, obviously not.  I've got loads of other arguements for using food instead of exercise so let's meet and I'll share them all with you!