Weight Loss – Finally there’s a magic pill

How many of you can identify with the following?:

You want to lose weight, you have paid your monthly gym membership, your joining fee, possibly rented a locker, bought all the fancy clothing, made the effort to pack a bag and travel there and missed Eastenders.

You then use 350 calories on an assortment of machines (bearing in mind watching Eastenders uses about 75 calories so you’ve only used an extra 275).  If you then you buy the super low fat, low salt, sugar free, low calorie, diet Chicken Caesar Salad at 400 calories then aren’t you going to walk out of there fatter than you walked in?!

Oh and you have paid a hell of a lot of money for the privilege!!

I’m sure there are some exceptional Chicken Caesar salads out there but on the whole you must have noticed the croutons, cheese and dressing, all helping the chicken and salad to rack up way more (useless) calories than an hour of exercise could ever burn.  I’m picking on the Chicken Caesar Salad a bit here but then again it’s probably the healthiest meal your gym has to offer.

My Lawyers have asked me to tell you that some gyms offer some extremely healthy menus and yours might be that gym!

And the magic pill?  Yeah right! But losing weight doesn’t have to be hard.

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