But fruit’s got a lot of sugar in moan moan whinge whine……

First of all, I wasn’t taught to start a sentence with “but” as in the title so please forgive me.

Once a week, on average, somebody tells me that fruit contains too much sugar.  Last Thursday it was someone in the medical profession (who had at least 3 stone to lose – that’s a lot of apples by the way) so I have officially had enough!

You probably fall into one of 3 categories:

Category 1.  You eat 13 apples a day.  I am not recommending you eat another apple.

Category 2.  You eat no fruit.  I am recommending you eat fruit.

Category 3.  You eat 2 pieces of fruit a day, a packet of crisps, some bread, a chocolate bar, a muffin, put sugar in your coffee and end the day with a glass of wine.  I am recommending you try to swap as many of these things as you can for an apple. 

In Category 3 you may end up eating 5 apples in a day.  In your opinion is that better or worse than the items you have swapped for that apple?

Maybe now we can all move on 😉


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  1. Sticks.. Says:

    Hahaha, always loved your logic..!!

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